Angela Lovell

Angela Lovell is a best-selling author and award-winning playwright, director, screenwriter, podcaster, and writing instructor. She's written for MTV, Universal Studios, VICE, and many more. She is a 4th generation psychic of Romani descent, an Indigo Child, empath, channel, Master Manifestor, and paranormal magnet with an entourage of mystical creatures. She's taken first place at The Moth, and performs her earliest diary entries regularly with Mortified. You can hear her as Mark Twain's daughter on the album Mark Twain Words and Music, featuring Clint Eastwood, Sheryl Crow, and Jimmy Buffett.

Need a psychic?

Angela has read for events such as NYC's Fashion Week, The Girlboss Rally, and Midsummer Scream. Her specialties include healing, calling in soulmates, finding power animals, strengthening ancestral bonds, advising in your magickal practice, and locking down protections. She doesn't just tell your future—she empowers you with the tools and information to live your best life. Contact her for in-person or remote readings via phone (or Skype if outside the US). 

Need a ghostwriter?

Angela offers writing and editing services that produce the best possible books, scripts, articles, outlines, book proposals, and short stories for you to call your own.

Storyteller, Writer, Clairvoyant 

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