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Join us live or recorded for


  • Guided Journeys and Meditations such as Morning Meditation for Grounding, Meditation to Clear Limiting Belief Systems with Energy Medicine, Soul Retrieval Journey, Journey to Your Past 3 Lives That Need to be Cleared of Karma, Meditation to Recognize the Healer in You, Journey to Find a Healthy Ancestor, Journey to Find Your Family Secret and Track Generational Curses by Working with a Healthy Ancestor, Soul Retrieval at the Time of Your Conception, 

  • The Decoupling Breath

  • Breathwork Exercise: Call back your innocence and your nature 

  • The Minds of the Medicine Wheel

  • Hecaté Healing and Acceptance Ritual 

  • The 4 Parts of the Brain and How We Learn a Bigger Perspective

LEARN How to

  • Heal Your Inner Child

    • Forgiveness practice: Applying non-judgement, non suffering, and non attachment to your stories

    • Learn what this inner self need from you to know they are safe to heal

    • Still be loved without your trauma

    • Change your perspective of your woundings

  • Explore the Purpose of Trauma

  • Becoming the Storyteller: The Disempowerment Triangle

    • Create and work with sand paintings

    • Share your stories of disempowerment and how we have played all these roles

    • What belief system this created in you

  • Writing Our Stories of Empowerment from the Witness State

    • Invite this new story of empowerment to take root in your destiny route

    • The new belief system are you creating--accept and commit to it

  •  Is Your Brain Wired for Bliss? Looking at the HPA Axis

    • Learn The Neuroscience of Ceremony

    • Take your old stories of suffering to the fire, create death arrows, and hold space for one another with a fire ceremony

  • Step into The Witness State of Mind

  • Heal the Death that Stalks You

  • Bring the Healer into Your Released Traumas 

  • Ancestral Constellation Work

    • Journey to Retrieve a Healthy Ancestor

    • Choose 3 relatives you need to make peace with and go into the practice

    • Partner work

  • Create an Ancestral Altar

    • Clear your field of ancestors and take those death arrows to the fire

    • Make peace with the ancestors' practice

  • Fire Ceremony

    • Make peace with our ancestors

    • Create a fire ceremony

    • Take our old stories of suffering to the fire

    • Create death arrows 

    • Hold space for one another

  • Heal Family Curses and Secrets

  • Step into the Witness State of Mind

  • Track Your Generational Curses by Creating a Mandala

  • Heal the Relationship with Your Parents

    • Explore challenges with your  parents, including what was positive

    • Recognize the soul contracts you made with them

    • Accept the fact that you would not be who you are without them

    • Explore forgiveness

    • Write your parents a letter to take to the fire 

    • Call your innocence back

  • Investigate Your Shadows & Reflections 

  • The Original Wound and How It Affects Our Culture 

  • Tracking Your Karmic Loops

    • Write your obituary from your empowered self perspective

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Join us live or recorded for


  • Guided Journeys and Meditations such as Acquiring Your Tracking Jaguar, Accessing the Land of the Dead (where you'll recover a guide or power animal to assist during readings), Soul Retrieval Journey, Morning Meditation to Set Intention, and Meditation to Get Centered 

  • Rituals such as Fireside Ceremonies and How to Send Earthbound Spirits into the Light

  • The 7 Chakra Illumination Practice

  • Daily Appointments with Spirit

LEARN How to

  • Clear and Hold Space 

    • Open Your Wiracocha 

    • Set up your space for protection

    • The difference between White and Black Magick

    • Use The Leaning Test

    • Use the Yes/No Practice

  • Intuition vs. Instinct

  • Open the Crown Chakra 

  • Call the Light in Your Practice

  • Empty Before You Fill Up

  • Share Light and Work in This Way

  • Perform an Aura Clearing on Yourself

  • Discover Your Field / Exchange Energy

  • Work with the LEF / Auras

  • Monitor Your Energy

  • Recognize If Your Energy is Too Depleted to Perform Readings

  • Practice Non-Judgement and Non-Attachment

  • Hold Space for Someone and Yourself Simultaneously

  • Investigate Your Shadows & Reflections 

  • The Original Wound and How It Affects Our Culture 

  • Shamanic Divination Work

    • Share the different types of divination work we perform as practitioners

    • Shamanic Hand reading: Learn the key to recognizing clients' challenges and/or strengths from their hands

    • Get Grounded and Call On Your Guides

  • Create a Sacred Space for Someone Else

  • Shamanic Dreamwork

  • Psychic Protection When Reading the Public

  • Releasing Expectations

  • Commune with Animals and Plants

  • Connect with Mama Earth and Utilize her Magick

  • Safely Commune with the Dead

  • Safely Perform Paranormal Investigations

  • Perform Remote Scans on Locations Prior to Paranormal Investigations  

For the price of one reading from someone else, invest in developing your own damn powers! 

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Get psychic for

"How the hell do I become more psychic, Angela?"

It's one of the top questions people ask in readings, and I always reply YOU ALREADY ARE. I've helped hundreds of people discover their gifts. I've put together a 4-part online class, plus an advanced Mediumship course to help you move from muggle to magickal FOR REAL!!!


  • Signs of a true psychic awakening and what to do about it

  • Exactly which type of psychic you are so you can focus on your strengths 

  • How to remove common blocks and obstacles to your gifts 

  • How to ignite and balance your chakras

  • The absolute best ways to develop and grow your skills and confidence in readings  

  • How to prepare and protect yourself as your abilities grow 



  • Instant access to my video masterclasses

  • 5+ hours of lessons and meditations you can do at your own pace and access FOREVER to keep you activated

  • Specific guidance for developing each type of intuition

  • Master-level chakra repair and maintenance training

  • Ability to book one-on-one psychic coaching with me, available only to those who have completed the course

  • Audio meditation to keep vibrating at your highest frequency, complete with body scans to prevent funk

  • Exclusive access to a private community where you'll receive support from me and other developing psychics 

  • Basically, everything imaginable to help you learn how to be psychic

Quit wondering, "Am I psychic?" and flip your switch to become psychic today!

what others say about working with Angela:

Channeled Rachele Royale's Mother

Details: As soon as you finalize payment, you'll receive an email with information about how to access the course materials.

Grab a notebook, spin those chakras, and get ready to blast open your third eye. Buckle up, sugar, 'cos it's about to get oh-so wonderfully weird. 

© 2022 by Angela Lovell

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