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Huffington Post's Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week 

1st Place Storyteller at The Moth's StorySlam in NYC for the theme “Scandals”

2nd Place in The L Magazine's Literary Upstart Contest (judged by Ben Greenman of The New Yorker) for my fiction Ps and Qs

2nd Place in Literary Death Match NYC for my short fiction A Cinderella Story

Best Essay Award from The New York City Pocket Guide  for my essay Braving the Highline

Best Director Award at NYC's Riant Theatre Off-Broadway for writing and directing  The Mating Game 

Farmhouse Magazine's Best Essay of The Year Nomination for With A Rebel Yell I Cried, "More! More! More!” 

New York Press’s Sex Columnist Contest Finalist for How to Make (Imaginary) Friends and Influence People

2nd Place Storyteller at The Bee — True Stories From The Hive for the theme "Tradition" 

“Best of the Best” Playwriting Thespian Competition for comedic one-act Ramona and Jethro 

“Best of the Best” Playwriting Thespian Competition for dramatic one-act Conspiracy of the Walls




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Portfolio HIghlights

Litter Genie's Real Catlives Videos

At last, I lived my dream of scriptwriting cat videos for Real Catlives, a comedy series produced by Litter Genie (coming soon to Netflix!).

Adapted Disney-Pixar Film to Book

I attended a special screening of the new Disney-Pixar film, Coco, on the actual Disney lot, with the film's director, all so I could adapt it to this interactive photo book!

Film Writer for The Lure

The Criterion Collection invited me to write the DVD insert for one of my most favorite films of all time, insisting that we were "a perfect fit." Buy the Criterion's DVD of this Polish horror vampire mermaid musical by Agnieszka Smoczynska, and feast your eyes on my sassy essay!

Film Writer for Stopping Traffic

The creator of this phenomenal documentary (who just happens to be a female monk) reached out to me for a film review and press release. It was an honor to work on such a noble project.

Essayist at VICE

I wrote this essay for VICE about my more unusual ghostwriting work.

Copywriter for Kate Spade Campaign

I wrote descriptions, copy, content, and got to strategize how to push these exciting new Kate Spade products.

Film Critic at BUFF

I was one of the few members of the press who received advanced copies of the biggest films featured at the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival. I wrote festival coverage and reviews for many of the films, which were featured online and in print magazines throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

VegNews Travel Writer

I get to direct vegans and vegetarians to all the best cruelty-free cravings a city has to offer.

Music Critic for BUST Magazine

I worked as a music critic for BUST, available worldwide in print (and online).

Sex and Relationship Columnist

The New York Press bought my essay, which has been published worldwide, So When Can I Meet George?, and ran it in their sex columnist contest rendering me a finalist with the most fan mail. The New York Press was the only rival to The Village Voice for edgy and free printed press.

Comedian at Huffpost

My satirical tweet got a lot of attention that week thanks to The Huffington Post, alongside tweets from Lena Dunham and Anna Kendrick.

1st Place Winner of The Moth

The theme of this world-famous storytelling event was "Scandals." I won with my comedic story about unwittingly sleeping with a B movie star Scientologist. I went on to compete in The Moth's StorySlam competition, hosted by Andy Borowitz from The New Yorker. (The Moth has its own radio show/podcast and is often featured on NPR's This American Life.)

Literary Death Match Judge

My short fiction, A Cinderella Story, was the favorite of the judges and audience.

Film Critic at Edge

I wrote film reviews for this trendy NYC publication (but what I wish is that I'd interviewed John Waters).

Voice Artist

I play Susy Clemens, Mark Twain's daughter, on this recording which features Jimmy Buffett as Huck Finn, Garrison Keillor as the narrator, and Clint Eastwood as Mark Twain, among many other talented musicians and artists.

Scriptwriter: MTV's Faking the Video

I worked as an Assistant Writer on MTV's reality show, Faking the Video, starring Nick Lachey, Michelle Branch, Bubba Sparxxx, and Stephanie Courtney (Flo from the Progressive commercials).

Storyteller and Performer: Mortified

Like grape juice turned to fine wine, my earliest writing started out so bad that it's now good. I perform my teenage diaries onstage regularly with Mortified in New York City and Los Angeles. My long list of gay boyfriends was so special that it made their podcast (Episode 60 if you're into tales of heartache that lead to BFFing).

Scriptwriter at The New York Post

The New York Post contracted me to write comedic scripts about celebrity real estate opportunities for their website, so I rebooted Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous.

Literary Death Match Judge

I was honored to judge some exceptional writers at the Salt Lake shows in both 2014 and 2016 after proving myself by killing it as a competitor in New York City.

The New York Times

Okay, so I haven't written for The New York Times. But I have been mentioned in it. Twice. The first time they took my picture when I won "Best Director" for a play I wrote and directed at The Riant Theatre's One-Act Festival in Manhattan. The second time they took my picture was when I floated naked in a woman-sized aquarium at a SoHo art opening. (The latter has served as excellent fodder in an essay I've sold several times called Never Judge An Artist By Her Vagina Dress Or Lack Thereof.)

Writer, Director, Performer

Famous for burlesque and its appearance in dozens of shows and films (including Mad Men), NYC's The Slipper Room hosted a summer series called Red Light Nights featuring skits about sex. I wrote, directed, and performed in many of these, including singing a solo about intercourse with a German Shepherd.

Tech Hustlers

I wrote the SXSW Interactive Survival Guide of 2013 featured in this magazine and in SXSW Magazine. I also did a lil' live blogging of SXSW Interactive for Tech Hustlers while taking in the festival.

Relationship Advice at

I was contracted to write relationship articles based on interviews with's elite group of psychologists and specialists.

Guest on Lady to Lady Podcast

Springing from the hit live talk show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Los Angeles, Lady to Lady is one of the most popular Comedy Podcasts on iTunes. I joined these incomparable comedians to discuss astrological signs, psychic hotlines, premarital Mormon sex, and dog attacks on the first male-free show.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire considered me a staff writer when they invited me to pose in my bikini among their best and brightest bathing beauties during the magazine's Times Square photoshoot for their skin cancer awareness issue. (They even treated me to a bikini wax and spray tan beforehand!)

The L Magazine

My story came in second place in The L Magazine's Literary Upstart Contest (judged by Ben Greenman of The New Yorker Magazine).

Short Film - Girl's Best Friend

My writing is stronger than my acting, as you can see in this raunchy rom-com short.

SoHo Magazine

As their sex columnist, I wrote Pillow Talk, a monthly sex and relationship column that combined humor with oh-so important facts about gettin' it on.

VICE Magazine

VICE requested this essay about my success working parties and phone lines as a psychic.

High Times

I wrote Pot Horoscopes, film reviews, music reviews, tv reviews, and concert and festival coverage, featured both online and in print with this pot-friendly magazine.

Pretty City NYC

I wrote about the free beauty treatments I received throughout the spas of New York City (and got paid for it!). I absolutely loved this job and worked with them for several years.

Opium Magazine

Syndicated both online and in print worldwide, my monthly astrology column was very popular (and churned up a lot of letters to the editors). Feel free to google for more examples of me picking on my least favorite signs of the zodiac (such as my own): Whorescopes--We all know where you've been, find out where you're going. (Opium Magazine was the seedling of the now famous

New York Megaphone

The birth place of this politically correct publication was Vox Pop, a famous Brooklyn coffee shop and bookstore. They published my monthly column Whorescopes: We all know where you've been, find out where you're going.

LAUREN+VANESSA Salon & Product Line

LAUREN+VANESSA run one of the top salons in Manhattan, providing luxury hair and makeup services. I wrote their web content and all of the product descriptions for their line of cosmetics.

Toys In Babeland

This famous sex toy chain featured my short film Girl's Best Friend on their blog, along with a really sweet mention that I was in the running to become The New York Press's Sex Columnist. (However, the magazine restructured and decided to feature a different writer in that spot each week.)


Travelgoat contracted me to write and record dozens of travel podcasts illustrating my personal tales for a variety of NYC tourist spots.

Revolt In Style Magazine

I wrote a worldwide syndicated monthly column in print and online called Whorescopes: We all know where you've been--Find out where you're going. This raunchy, comedic horoscope was featured monthly in Revolt Magazine, along with many of my film, tv, and music reviews.

Opium Magazine

I had several essays published in Opium, along with my monthly syndicated column, Whorescopes: We all know where you've been, find out where you're going. For their first print edition I wrote a fun piece on popular books compared to the movies they inspired called My Movie Can Beat Up Your Book. I performed at dozens of readings with other authors such as Tao Lin all over NYC to promote this publication.

Envy Magazine

Envy Magazine syndicated my monthly astrology column Whorescopes, along with many of my film reviews.

Times Square Chronicles

This print and online publication hired me to write a monthly column called Horoscopes for The Cynical New Yorker (though I had pitched ASStrology).

A Tribute to Patsy Cline

I was contracted by The Sunshine Theatre of Daytona Beach to write a one-woman musical depicting Patsy Cline's life story while featuring her hit songs. This show ran off and on for several years with great success.

Brooklyn Film Festival

The Brooklyn Film Festival is a week long event that showcases some of the best and brightest filmmakers from around the world. I reviewed their films, covered their parties, and wrote Q&A articles on their many talented filmmakers in print and online publications throughout NYC.

Art Access

My screenwriting classes focus on the basic elements of storytelling to help students write anything. I taught a four week course at Art Access in which students developed a strong foundation with all the most important elements of writing a marketable screenplay.

Best of Farmhouse Magazine

Had my essay, With a Rebel Yell, I Cried More! More! More!, published with Farmhouse, as well as nominated for their "Best Essay" that year.

Block Magazine

I was one of the few members of the press who received advanced copies of the biggest films featured at the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival ( I wrote reviews for a dozen of the films, which were featured in several print and online magazines throughout New York City. Now defunct, Block Magazine was available in print and online.

The Secret Theatre

The Secret Theatre and Queens Players took a timeout from Shakespeare to produce my very Jewy one-act, Girl Talk, Off-Off-Broadway.

Keen is one of the largest phone psychic networks in the world. I wrote their marketing email blasts, lots of zodiac personalities, horoscopes, and oh-so much more zaniness.

Voices of Alcoholism

This collection bought my essay, Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm, available in ebook and paperback.

Boston Literary Magazine

Available both online and in print, Boston Literary Magazine published my poem Schizomania.

Elan Furniture

I wrote romance copy for this high-end furniture line's many products. These web descriptions were published at websites including Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, Houzz, and many more.

The Rainbow Index

This LGBT travel app hired me to write city descriptions ranging from the U.S. to Europe, along with travel blogs describing the most LGBT-friendly destinations and best Pride celebrations throughout the world.

Fever Magazine

This sexy print and online publication ran my monthly Whorescopes and film reviews, much to my delight.


This now defunct weekly podcast was chosen as a Yahoo! Pick of The Day. They bought dozens of recordings I performed of my dating/relationship stories, music and movie reviews, comedic essays, an interview with Bumblefoot, my Oscar predictions, and my monthly syndicated column Whorescopes: We all know where you've been, find out where you're going.

AngelVision Tech

Listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies for seven years, AngelVision Tech has been recognized over 450 times as the best in sales, advertising, innovation, viral marketing, and ROI. I write a variety of impact movies including photo and image based, whiteboard style, cartoon oriented, and many more.

Bound Off Literary Audio Magazine

This literary audio magazine bought my recording of a short piece of fiction I wrote. Bound Off Short Story Podcast: Issue 38 Released March 15, 2009 17.5 minutes. File size: 16MB. 128kb-encoded MP3. “There Must Be People Like That Here” Written and read by Angela Lovell 3 minutes long, starts at 1:05.

Stetson University HATS Program

Stetson University's HATS (High Achieving Talented Students) Program hired me to teach Screenwriting to gifted 4th and 5th graders for two separate summer sessions.

Los Angeles Journal

These guys published my earliest forms of comedic horoscopes, much to the delight of stargazers on the west coast.

One2One Magazine

Listed as one of Amazon’s Top 10 Magazines, One2One published my short satire How To Make (Imaginary) Friends and Influence People, my monthly astrology column Whorescopes, and several of my film reviews.

Rabbit Tales Reading Series

I wrote and performed two of my more gasp-worthy pieces of fiction, House of Twigs and A Cinderella Story, for this super fun Brooklyn reading series hosted monthly in a DUMBO art gallery.

Our Summer Movie

I was contracted by Aspire Productions to write this feel-good-horny-teen comedic feature film.

Common Ties

Now defunct, Common Ties was once a wildly popular publication of personal essays that went deep. I was thrilled when they published mine.


This lovely literary journal published two of my poems, Schizomania and Bzst.

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