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​Happy Samhain, magick maker!!! You'll receive your first installment of the Mediumship course on Monday, October 11th. Remember to mark your schedule for the following: 

  • October 17th, 3pm EDT: Intense Psychic Protection & Prep​​
  • October 20th, 9pm EDT: Full Moon ritual to lift the veil and start calling in your spirits to play

  • October 24th, 3pm EDT: Discuss tools, calling in your power animals, communing with spirits, and MORE

  • October 30th, 7pm EDT: LIVE séance featuring two of my favorite psychic mediums, including the infamous Kat of The Cassadaga Hotel! We will all set intention to contact one specific spirit (loved one, pet, or even a celebrity). My trio will be connecting to the murdered girl haunting me since May. Last month was the 30th anniversary of this unsolved crime and I believe she wants our help. You're invited to participate and share any messages you receive, and we will be channeling your spirits as well. 

And please message me with any questions or concerns!

Can't wait to get weird together! 

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